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About Eastern Shop Equipment Ltd

Established in 1974, we are a family-run retail refurbishment company that provides services throughout Norfolk and Suffolk. From installation of part shop fittings to complete refurbishment of large showrooms and retail chains, we do it all and do not consider any job as too big or small. You can also visit our showroom in Norfolk to make a purchase. 
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Why choose us?

•  Family-run retail refurbishment company with over 42 years in the industry
•  Experienced and reliable shop fitters
•  Complete refurbishment solution
•  Professional delivery services
•  Quality products and customised services at cost-effective prices
•  Online purchase available

Our values

Eastern Shop Equipment Ltd is committed to the following values:

Accountability: Our advice and decisions are based on the expertise and judgement we have built up over the past 42 years. If the final result does not meet our or your expectations, we will make amendments and re-evaluate the project.

Excellence: The needs and wishes of our customers are of paramount importance to us and we strive to ensure excellence in the service we provide and the goods we supply.

Simplicity: Our shop fitters work hard to streamline processes and procedures and to pass on cost savings to our customers while still achieving the overall desired result.

Respect: Respect for our customers, staff and suppliers takes us a long way; with respect you earn trust, resulting in a better working environment and first class outcomes.
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Visit our showroom in Norfolk

Get professional shop fitters to install and refurbish your retail units in Norfolk and Suffolk.
Call Eastern Shop Equipment Ltd on 
01603 429 398.

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